Thorough pest extermination in Mi Wuk Village, CA, quality materials, precise application techniques - this is why we believe we are providing the best quality and economical pest control services in the Motherlode.



Angels Pest Extermination Mi Wuk Village, CA
  • Guaranteed year-round Pest Free Maintenance Programs

  • Single Services available

  • No charge for in-between services if needed

  • Rodent control


Tree Pest Control Mi Wuk Village, CA
  • Bark Beetle Prevention: A leader in sales, service, innovation and saving trees in the Sierras

  • Insecticide Soil Injection

  • Fungicide and Dormant Oil tree spraying for Landscape and Fruit Trees


Angels Pest Extermination Mi Wuk Village, CA
  • Reduced fire hazards

  • Increased vision safety

  • Freedom of growth for desired vegetation

  • Increased land value

  • Avoid weed eating and mowing

  • Elimination of poisonous or irritating weeds

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